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Tufts University is a private school located in Medford, Massachusetts, with three other campuses located in Boston, MA, Grafton, MA, and Talloires, France.

The school was established in 1852 and the campus serves just under 11,000 students. The undergraduate students at Tufts amount to about half that number while the Graduate and Professional students make up the rest. Ten percent of the population are international students. Due to the overwhelming amount of students from all different types of backgrounds and culture, the Office of Institutional Diversity was created.

The two main undergraduate schools at the university are the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering.

Tufts University views the students and staff as part of an interconnected world, in which everyone may learn and grow from one another. At the center of the academics offered, the belief of diversity and the acceptance toward all individuals is of great importance to the values of the school as the word "paramount" is used to describe the importance of the diverse environment.

The mission and strategy of the school is to offer quality in the classroom by providing the best educators and programs that will offer a competitive nature for students with high standards. Leading the crusade is a faculty of about 1,330 and a complete staff of over 3,000.

The Office for Campus Life holds nearly a thousand various clubs and organizations for students aside from Fraternity and Sorority affairs. The clubs are as diverse from ALLIES, and Anime Brigade to Boxing, Art History, photography and student government. The list seems to stretch on forever, where nearly any social entity could be found in the list.

There are 16 graduate student organizations available to students who are enrolled after a Bachelor's degree from special school organizations such as Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students and as broad as Graduate Student Council. Throughout the four campuses, six libraries are featured, but there is no mention of which school campus houses more than one.

In the mid-1800s, the Universalist church now known as the Unitarian Universalist Church, sought to open a college in the New England area. A member of the church known as Charles Tufts gifted 20 acres of land that valued $20,000 toward establishing a college. Twelve years later in 1852, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts chartered Tufts college. Since the opening, the school has been a beacon for students and has maintained that reputation ever since.

Tufts' school colors are brown and blue chosen by the student body in 1876 with the Mascot: Jumbo the elephant.

The University houses many disciplines of study include: the School of Medicine, School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, Citizenship and Public Service, Human Nutrition Center on Aging, School of Dental Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Engineering, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Arts and Sciences.

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