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Boston College

Boston College is easily one of the top colleges in the state of Massachusetts.

It started out as a private university in 1863. Initially, the college was established as a Liberal Arts school but has with time evolved into an arts and science institution. It routinely receives high academic rankings from peers and students and most national polls place the college among the top 50 schools in the nation.

Boston College offers well-organized educational programs in a variety of departments that include the following:

• Chemistry
• Biochemistry
• Biology,
• Computer Science
• Communication
• Earth and Environmental sciences
• Mathematics
• Economics
• English
• Fine arts -- art history, studio art and film studies
• German Studies
• History
• International Studies
• Islamic Civilization Studies
• Philosophy
• Physics
• Music
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Sociology
• Theatre Studies
• Theology
• Slavic and Eastern Europe language
• Literature
• Romance Languages and Literature

Boston College has clearly outlined policies and procedures that ensure equal chances of admission are given to all who are interested regardless of sex, race, religion, age, color, handicap or national origin.

The student body represents a broad spectrum of academic and sports abilities, life interests and personal backgrounds. This is made possible by the guidelines followed by the committee that deals with student selection during admission. The committee looks for potential students with a high intellectual curiosity, superior academic ability, students who are self motivated, have strength of character and demonstrate a promising positive personal development.

For potential students who would like to be admitted after high school, it is advisable to pursue a strong college preparatory program. This should include four units of mathematics, English, foreign language and social studies. In addition to these courses, it is recommended to obtain four units of laboratory science. Besides providing the potential student with a solid academic foundation, these courses may also improve the chances of a positive selection by the admission committee.

Prospective students should also sit for either The American College Test or the the SAT I and SAT II tests. The tests are used in the admission process. International students are required to submit results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) in case English is not their first language.

Apart from excelling in academics, Boston College also excels in sports. Many of the school's sports teams excel in competition with other colleges. Some of the top sports include football, tennis, martial arts and badminton. But the university also offers many other recreational opportunities that are open to all students.

Boston College strives to ensure that all admitted students start their academic journey on the right foot. They work with all new students to make sure that their Freshman year is a positive one.

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