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A Fashion Degree and a Successful Career

Does wearing the latest clothing styles make you feel on top of the world? Do you enjoy spending a day browsing trendy boutiques and trying on the latest ensembles? If you have a creative personality, why don't you turn your love of style and fashion into a successful career by earning a fashion degree? Fashion degrees can lead to many interesting and sometimes glamorous careers with the possibility of very good earnings and long term job security.

Where to Earn a Fashion Degree
There are two- and four-year degree programs in fashion design available at many schools, and you may even be able to take classes online to work around a busy schedule. Typical programs for fashion degrees might include classes such as:

Sewing and tailoring
Fashion history
Pattern making
Working with colors

Many students find that taking classes in business, marketing, and merchandising can also help with a career in fashion design, especially if you hope to own your own design company in the future. You might find that you're drawn to a particular specialty field within fashion design such as women's wear or sportswear and may have the opportunity to take additional classes focusing on that area. A student working in an apprentice program with a design house or with an independent fashion designer while attending school may find it helps with employment after graduation.

Fashion Degrees and Occupations
Many graduates with fashion degrees find themselves working in New York City or California, but you can find job opportunities where fashion degrees can be helpful all over the country. If you think you might like retail management, you might want to work for a regional or national clothing company or you might want to start your own clothing boutique. Employment with a large clothing manufacturer may lead to being involved in the design of clothing sold in their stores across the nation; large retailers often have their own in-house design departments with fashion designers on their staffs.

History buffs might enjoy becoming a fashion designer for a theater group or movie company where clothing with historical accuracy must be designed and produced. If you want to experience the ultimate in fashion design, you might have the opportunity to work for a design house in New York, California, or even Paris where you could play a part in designing unique fashions for celebrities and members of high society. Fashion degrees can help with any career that involves creating or marketing clothing and its accessories.

Fashion Degrees and Career Opportunities
The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that employment for fashion designers should remain steady from 2008 through 2018, and there may be a growing demand for the design of trendy clothing for customers of mid-level retailers. There should also be job opportunities in the design departments of large retailers that market clothing to a wide range of consumers. Career positions in the fashion world are very desirable and can be highly competitive; candidates with training, experience, and fashion degrees may find they have the most options.

Earnings in the fashion career field continue to be good with the BLS reporting that the mean annual salary in May 2009 for a fashion designer was $74,410 and the top ten percent working in the field averaged in excess of $130,900.

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